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On the Subject of Changing My Name
*slam poem—intended to be spoken aloud
Leo Tolstoy stole my diary, and I can prove it.
Exhibit A—War and Peace, book eight, chapter one:
“It dawned upon him suddenly and for no obvious reason
that it was impossible to go on living as before.”

I can’t explain why I woke up one day to suddenly,
and for no obvious reason, find my name
clinging to my flesh like a cold, wet sweater.
The syllables formed nooses,
the letters crawled beneath my skin.
My last name isn’t the name of the man who raised me,
but it was the first thing that met me
when I came squirming and squalling into this world.
It gathered me into its arms and touched my cheek and whispered,
“I’ve been waiting for you.
Welcome home.”

We were once so full of promise.
How did it come to this?
Maybe my identity has been fading for awhile,
a dynamic shifting so slowly that I didn’t see it coming—
like a
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Somewhere out there is a man
in a ratty armchair, cigarette-stained and jutting with springs.
He bathes in the pale glow of a laptop screen
and, with a wave of a hand, blazons his decrees across the land—
mighty ruminations, blessings, revelations,
and memes of great power,
a crown of martyrdom upon his head.
Somewhere out there, the man accumulates “likes”
like so much salt and pepper on his cheek.
He bleeds on his keyboard from the scabs on his hands,
the Bible on one knee, the New Yorker on the other.
His feet are planted on the words of Jesus,
on the words of Rachel Maddow,
on the grease-slicked carpet in his mobile home.
How satisfying it must be to live inside his mind!
Tho’ the world may despise him, tho’ the world may revile him,
though he is the only one to stand against the rising tide
of Starbucks and homophobes and the Wall Street elite,
it must be validating to watch the world burn—
to survey it all th
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dominic // feb-dec, 2011

The camouflage vest feels like adulthood.
Makes him feel important, makes him feel like Batman—
and makes his muscles look fuckin’ ripped,
if he may say so himself.
The halls are full of chatter and introductions,
bending spoons and reading minds.
When Dominic mentions the strain of
pulling emotional echoes from the auras
of metal objects, everyone nods and laughs.
The thrill of relatability has never before been his.
The combat boots
are a little big.
Hazing and laughter, and the
cold sting of the cement floor in the morning.
Curfews are for the weak.
Dominic earns dozens of push-ups from
late-night whispers,
from stealing underwear from drawers,
from snapping towels at Arizona's ass.
Making cracks about Julie's ass,
and getting thrown across the room,
and then getting yelled at for the hole in the wall,
which really wasn't his fault.
No one can get the jump on Keith's ass.
Seers are no fun.
█  A
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The Diner
Sunday afternoons were
caramelized onions and laughter,
terrible puns paired with the finest OJ,
omelettes hissing in the skillet.
We freed the yawns that we’d swallowed all morning
in the balcony of the episcopal church.
You reached across the tabletop
and entwined our hands—mine slender,
yours veiny and scabbed, all wrinkled leather.
“I’ve been taking you to this diner
since you were three days old,
when I’d set your bassinet right on the table.”
Your voice was so fond, so quiet,
steady as the grandfather clock
in your musty living room—
which, just like this diner, had watched me grow,
from a tiny, squalling thing
to a woman with more dreams than sense.
The ghosts of those ham steaks and smiles
followed us even when our Sundays
were made of antiseptic and hospital beds,
when your cheeks were sunken
and your skin was ashen.
You'd never let me leave with a frown.
Your memory follows me, your soul kept warm
in the plates of red-eye diner biscui
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started the day out with a tiny panic attack. aghhhhh
Way to end Easter: get sexually harassed by four guys in a gas station saying filthy shit
you know what's so damn hard about shopping for clothes online
figure out if I actually want the clothes
or the girl wearing the clothes
So that podcast is definitely gonna happen. I've been writing it for a week or two now. Will probably take muuuch longer to be completed, LOL, but I'll let you all know when I put up auditions!

It's called Louise: a supernatural swamp tale in three episodes.

And no, Louise is not one of the characters in the story.

Chew on that mystery for awhile.
Question! When you guys draw backgrounds that the characters interact with (i.e. chairs, the inside of a car, whatever) do you draw the background or the character first?


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Iiiiiiiiiiiit's Amy!

Aromantic asexual, female. Currently rocking a full ride scholarship at an undisclosed American college (triple majoring in English, Theater, and Philosophy).

if you want to Suffer(TM) hmu


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every choice you make
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i'll be watchin' you
B-00G3-R5 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi friend! 

Starting my own art project that involves voice acting for Carver and telling his story. Was wondering if it'd be okay to keep him in the d2d-verse and tell his experiences while sourcing the group??? If you don't want me referencing back to d2d, I can re-write it, but I thought I'd ask. Because, yknow, it's your shit. 

Also- HEY!! Hope you're doin' good, it's been a while. 
Mrs-Salt Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my God that's brilliant! Have fun and when it's done, let me see!! :heart:
B-00G3-R5 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! And I will! I'm going to have a tumblr and it's going to (hopefully) host a small handful of OCs so that I can dabble in voices and dump creative energy into. :) I'll link you when I start to actually post stuff
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